Integration Solutions Dynamics CRM

Available Packages

Basic Plan:

$10/month (Max 40 Invoices and Contacts)

Bronze Plan:

$20/month (Max 100 Invoices and Contacts)

Silver Plan:

$35/month (Max 500 Invoices and Contacts)

Gold Plan:

$50/month (Max 2000 Invoices and Contacts)

Platinum Plan:

$100/month (Unlimited Invoices and Contacts)

More Dynamics CRM Products

Sizlar Connect (Xero - Dynamics CRM Connector)

Sizlar Connect (Xero - Dynamics CRM Connector)

Sizlar Connect (Xero - Dynamics CRM Connector) provides smooth integration between Xero Accounting software and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution {Xero - Dynamics CRM Integration Solution} providing you with complete, real-time customers, products and financial overview. It helps eliminating the need for manual data entry to the systems thus reduce costly human errors and provides more room to spend your time on other tasks.

Save time

There is no need to switch between systems. Information can be entered in any one system and will automatically be updated in both systems.

Minimise error

Eliminating the mundane task of having to enter data twice greatly reduces the likelihood of costly errors and inconsistency.

Real time data

When data is entered, it is automatically updated in both systems. No delay means timely and consistent data will always be accessible.


Invoice and payment history is available in both Xero and Dynamics CRM therefore all authorised users can access this information for themselves rather than going to the Accountant.


You will have the ability to view information across the various departments within the organisation. This allows for better communication and more informed decision making.

• Information that is entered in either Xero or Dynamics CRM will be updated in both systems and synchronises in real time.

• The Xero - Dynamics CRM Connector synchronises invoices that are created in Dynamics CRM and drives them through to Xero.

• When an invoice has been paid in Xero it notifies Dynamics CRM to change the status of the invoice to “paid”.

• Account Codes and Credit or Adjustment notes are synchronised between the two systems.

• Customer profiles are matched in both systems allowing for consistent up-to-date assessment.